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Why Choose Us


One of the biggest risks of producing products in a low-cost manufacturing country like China is quality. Impactpower was founded to protect our customers from such risk. Because we have our in-house QC team checking each process from raw material used, processing, to the shipping of the final product. To ensure each piece of product is in good quality is the promise we made to our clients.


Taking advantage of our design center, we are able to create,deign and innovate for our customers.  Our design team consists of a diverse collection of creatives and technical personal.  We are highly proficient in the latest engineering and design software including SolidWorks and AutoCAD


Our factory started with one product line and while maintaining the same high-quality manufacturing standards, has now expanded into several product lines with different features to address different market demands.


IP Protection

For clients who have their own design and want the designed manufactured in China,  Impactpower understands the need to have a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) in place before certain sensitive information is accepted. We have a standard NDA available for our customers that do not have access to a lawyer. We take the responsibility of safeguarding this intellectual property extremely seriously.


Over the years, by working with so many successful customers and respected brands, our company has acquired richful knowledge in fitness industry. Sharing this valuable business knowledge is part of the overall service that we provide to our customers.


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